This little ghostly TV simulator is our take on the prompt for the Ghosts with Jobs  Bitsy Jam hosted by Adam Le Doux. We have been playing around with Bitsy Game Maker for a few months now, but this is our first published game! We look forward to making many more.

Instructions: you control the laser beam from the remote control with your arrow keys or swiping in all directions on mobile. You can turn on the TV by touching the red button on the remote and you can change the channels by touching the six buttons on the TV.

When you find yourself on a channel you can go back to the previous or forward, so don't worry about missing anything!

The ghosts in the different programs speak when you touch the red icons on the screen.

At the end of the game you'll be able to turn off the TV by touching the button on the remote while perusing the sixth channel!

We tried to stuff as many puns and jokes as we could in this one :)

Now for some shout-outs regarding what we used to make this game: 

Published 26 days ago
AuthorWax Wings Studio
Made withBitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, bitsy-game-maker, Ghosts, My First Game Jam, Pixel Art, tv


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this is sooo cute!! its so funny too! i love all the little details and the insight into the ghost world! rly enjoyable experience :D

(a tip- the dimensions of a bitsy game are 512x512 if u want to have it be the "right" size with no weird black borders!)


Thank you so much, it means a lot coming from you (we're big fans)! And thanks for the tip, we knew something wasn't right but we couldn't figure it out 🙈

Have a wonderful day, thanks again!

aw thank u! >/////<  and its no problem :D 

no clue if you know about/are in the bitsy discord but its always there to help! <3


You're so kind! We didn't know and we're creating a Discord account right this second!

Thank you so much, we're loving the Bitsy community already :) 

its truly no problem :D im glad your enjoying bitsy and the community <3